About Transforming Judaism

Renaissance: A Strategic Plan for Transforming Judaism is a call for action. Addressing the challenges that face modern Judaism, particularly in North America, this book proposes an overarching strategy and nine tactics to revitalize today’s Jewish community and initiate a rebirth of Judaism that will reengage large numbers of disaffected Jews.

Author Jim Stein has actively worked in the Jewish community as a committed volunteer and community leader. Through his various roles on both local and national levels, he has grown in his passion to encourage a reawakening among fellow Jews and to reopen the conversation of Judaism with those “sleepwalking” Jews who struggle with the logic of traditional customs that seem outdated and irrelevant.

Stein states that the mission of Renaissance is “helping unaffiliated, detached, and peripheral Jews to find the spiritual grounding, meaning, and connection they seek in their frenetic lives through creative expressions of fundamental Jewish wisdom and values, and in so doing become part of an evolving, inclusive, non-denominational Jewish community.”

Offering a down-to-earth dialogue that builds on the rich foundations of Judaism and refocuses on its fundamental values and age-old wisdom, Renaissance reminds readers of the critical importance of asking questions and of debating the unknown.

Renaissance is an important book for all Jews. Whether they are religious or civic leaders, active members of a synagogue, or people who dabble on the fringes; this book recalls the rich heritage unique to Judaism, while also illuminating the seeds of our faith that can bloom afresh for new generations of Jews.

About Jim Stein

Jim Stein

Jim Stein is a retired attorney living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with his wife. The proud father of their three grown children, and Papa to four grandchildren, his passion beyond his family is his Jewish community.

During his thirty-two years as an attorney, Stein held multiple roles of leadership in his local Jewish community, as well as positions on the national level: he served as the president of his local Jewish Federation for three years, participated in the first group of a two-year intensive study and leadership development class, and held the office of executive director for a national Jewish disaster response organization.

Throughout his life, Stein has been an avid student of Jewish religion, ethics, and values—and a firm believer that Judaism remains relevant today.